28 Day Egg Diet
28 Day Egg Diet

What to Know before Having the 28 Day Egg Diet A Try

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I often heard lots of types of diet for health and weight loss in today’s life and of course for me and perhaps many of you it can be really interesting to know about them as like about the 28 Day Egg Diet. Getting to know about this diet is such a great thing to help us getting some references related to the types of diet. That will also help you getting some overview about what kind of diet it is.

All of you including me want to get not only a healthy body condition but also a good-looking body. However, getting such a proportional body is not that easy yet simple and most of us experience such the overweight body. Sometimes it can be really frustrating so that I always try to find some ideas and references about how to get the slimmer body in any ways including through various types of weight loss diet and the 28 Day Egg Diet may also give us some ideas in getting such that great benefit.

I have heard about that kind of diet for so many times and it successfully makes me feel so curious about the diet and want to have it a try. Perhaps you have the same experience so that it is much better to know more about this diet. Then, if you and I already get an overview about the 28 Day Egg Diet, I can determine whether it is such a right diet for us or not.

What to Know before Having the 28 Day Egg Diet A Try
What to Know before Having the 28 Day Egg Diet A Try

What to Know about the 28 Day Egg Diet

Getting to know first about the diet which you are going to try is important so that you would not make the great mistake which will result the worse impacts. It is including getting to know much about the 28 Day Egg Diet before you go to jump into this diet and try anything in this diet. The info here may help you and me in getting the helpful info about this diet.

What you need to know about this diet is actually this diet does not only aim for getting the slimmer body or losing the weight but also about the detoxifying of the body. Thus, it means, it does not only give me the slimmer body shape but also give me the healthier body. That is why the 28 Day Egg Diet is totally well known right now and many people are interested in having it a try.

So what is 28 Day Egg Diet actually and what you need to know about this kind of diet? This is actually a type of diet which is aimed at not only weight losing but also body detoxifying. From the name, this diet requires you to follow the 28 day diet plans in which every single day of those diet period, there are always the menu of egg. 28 day egg diet

Sure, from first day to 28th day, there is always the menu of boiled eggs which are combined with other foods, as like protein sources, vegetables, fruits, and so on. That will help us getting the healthy diet which will be great to lose the weight effectively through this 28 Day Egg Diet. I also get the information that this diet may help people losing the weight about 16 kilograms less than a month.

The Rules of 28 Day Egg Diet

Every kind of diet have some rules and it is what I want to know the first about the 28 Day Egg Diet after I know about what kind of diet it is. That will be important to be known before you try particular type of diet no matter what the goals are.

If you want to know much clearly about the 28 Day Egg Diet, here are the rules you and I need to know:

✓  You need to enjoy all the programs from day 1 to day 28 perfectly with no stop or break.

✓  Measuring your weight can be done twice, which is the day 1 and after you finish the program or after day 28.

✓  Taking more water is a must on this diet. You have to take not less than 3000ml of water each day.

✓  Do not add any oil or fat in cooking the vegetables.

✓  You and I can still enjoy coffee, tea, and mint without milk. You can still add sugar but in a very small amount.

✓  Do the workout or an exercise regularly is still a must and jogging is recommended to be done for times per one week with the portion of about one hour per session.

What you need to be sure before trying the 28 Day Egg Diet is to ensure that you take the perfectly right amount of foods based on the plan or instruction. Ensure yourself that you have no allergy against eggs since the main food on this diet is egg. 28 day egg diet.

Make this Diet to be Simpler through the Application

If you want to get the clear and in detail info about the 28 Day Egg Diet, it is a good idea to use the application about this diet which can be installed to your mobile device as like your smart phone. You will get the info about the menu for each of the 28 days; you will also get some tips about the diet, and more info.

If you want to get bit info about the menu of this diet, here are some of the menus which I enjoy on this 28 Day Egg Diet:

✓  Day-1, for breakfast menu you can take 1-2 boiled eggs and half of a grapefruit / orange, the for lunch you can enjoy fruits in any amount as like pear, strawberry, orange, banana, and so on. For the dinner menu, you can enjoy roasted beef.

✓  Day-2, you can take the same menu for breakfast as like the day-1 breakfast menu, and for lunch you can take half of a grapefruit or orange, tomato, and chicken (poached or grilled). For the dinner menu on this diet, you can take salad, a grapefruit or an orange, boiled egg, and you can also optionally add toasted loaf.

✓  Day-3, two boiled eggs and ½ grapefruit or orange are great for breakfast. For lunch, tomato and one toast with white cheese which is with no fat and less salt is what to take. Roasted beef which is without margarine becomes your dinner menu.

There are 25 days left you need to deal with on this 28 Day Egg Diet.

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