3 Day Military Diet Reviews

3 Day Military Diet Reviews, the Fastest and Easiest Diet for Me

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Have you tried 3 Day Military Diet? I have, satisfied with the result and I think I’ve found one of the best diet ever created. You can see many 3 Day Military Diet Reviews and found out the good thing about this diet. But here, I try to write review, after trying this diet for the first time, so, here we go.

3 Day Military Diet Reviews, the Fastest and Easiest Diet for Me

The Reason Why I Wrote This 3 Day Military Diet Reviews

Actually, it is simple reason. I see it as one of the fastest way to lose your weight. Many 3 Day Military Diet Reviews say about this matter and I agree with them.

I experienced myself, when I try to lose just 10 pounds; it felt like one of the hardest task ever in my life. However, 3 Days Military Diet changes my day and become the best solution for me, like what I will express in my 3 Day Military Diet Reviews here. I can lose most of my target losing weight in just 3 Days and in one week; I finally can reach my main target, losing 10 pounds of my weight.

Here in my 3 Day Military Diet Reviews, I try to share my experience and the greatness of this diet with 3 Day Military Diet Reviews. I hope this review will help you to get more reference about this diet, plus it can help to ease your hesitation when you want to use this diet. Of course, I also want you try it directly to feel the benefit from it and maybe you can get the result more than what I’ve got.

My Favorite Part of 3 Day Military Diet in Our 3 Day Military Diet Reviews

Here, in my 3 Day Military Diet Reviews, I want to tell you all Military Diet favorite parts. Here they are:

  • Cheap

I can say in my 3 Day Military Diet Reviews, this diet as one of the cheapest diet I’ve ever tried. You may also think this way, after you try it for at least a week. I see it like that because it doesn’t need special ingredient or food, where you need to spend more money to buy it.

In fact, when I tried it for the first time, I’ve already found almost half of food for the diet in my refrigerator. So, can you imagine how easy this diet to do? Most of 3 Day Military Diet Reviews also pointed out this matter as the 3 Day Military Diet plus point.

  • Fast Result

Like this review name, 3 Day Military Diet Reviews, I only need to do it for 3 days and see the result. Actually, the article said we have to do a week diet to get the result like what we want, which is losing 10 pounds. But, I decided to try the 3 days program to see the result and continue for a week, when it give me the result like what I want and then write 3 Day Military Diet Reviews.

And, after 3 days, I find my body feels quite lighter than previously and when I weight it up on weight scale. For the result, I will tell you at the end of this 3 Day Military Diet Reviews article. But, I can say, I was really satisfied with the result, so I recommend it to you who want to get fast result in just 3 days.

  • Easy for Me

I don’t know about your preference or favorite food, but what I wrote in 3 Day Military Diet Reviews, the menus on this diet make this diet easy to do. I like most of them, so basically I don’t have any problem to eat anything that the diet tells me to do.

The Menu of the Diet

Here in my 3 Day Military Diet Reviews, you can know how easy to prepare it, because, basically, you only need to prepare 9 meals, which is 3 meals per day for 3 days. So, here in my 3 Day Military Diet Reviews, I’ll try to share what I eat during those 3 days of doing Military Diet. Let’s start the interesting part of my 3 Day Military Diet Reviews!

Day 1

  • Breakfast: grapefruit, toast with hardboiled egg, peanut butter (choose the organic peanut butter), a cup of coffee.
  • Lunch: toast with canned tuna,
  • Dinner: apple, baked chicken breast, steamed green beans, ice cream (choose the low fat)

I can say it in this 3 Day Military Diet Reviews as the hardest part of the diet. Your body will try to adapt with the portion and type of food you eat on this first day. Therefore, you will feel really hungry, and when I wrote 3 Day Military Diet Reviews I also felt like that.

Day 2

  • Breakfast: toast with hardboiled egg and a cup of coffee
  • Lunch: cottage cheese and hardboiled egg
  • Dinner: I boiled sausage and steam broccoli. Add some banana as the desert.

One of best part of my diet I can share with you on my 3 Day Military Diet Reviews. I love egg, so ate egg the whole day on the second day make me feel happy. For you who don’t like egg too much, the menu in my 3 Day Military Diet Reviews maybe too hard for you, and to solve it, you can switch the menu with first or third day or other menu from other 3 Day Military Diet Reviews.

Day 3

  • Breakfast: cheese and apple, plus biscuit for adding some saltiness in it,
  • Lunch: hardboiled egg (again) and toast
  • Dinner: Tuna, ice cream and banana

The last day and finally, I can see the result on the next day. I feel really satisfy with the menu on the third day like I wrote on my 3 Day Military Diet Reviews. You may also feel this third day menu has more variation like what you can’t see on other 3 Day Military Diet Reviews.


With this 3 Day Military Diet Reviews article, I come into conclusion. I see Military Diet as one of the most effective diet for me, which I also want to share through 3 Day Military Diet Reviews. After I use all menus above, I lose 4.5 pounds; of course I also combine the diet with workout, so I can get that result.

However, I suggest you have to see your nutritionist, before trying the diet or menu in my 3 Day Military Diet Reviews. That way, you will find the right way and the right amount calorie for Military Diet. And of course, you also can get better result in the end.

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