7Th Day Adventist Diet
7Th Day Adventist Diet

7Th Day Adventist Diet, a Good Vegetarian Diet for You

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Have you ever tried to be a vegetarian? I don’t one to be one, but I found some interesting vegetarian diet program, which may pique your interest. The name of this interesting vegetarian diet is 7Th Day Adventist Diet.

What is 7Th Day Adventist Diet?

Actually, you can’t call 7Th Day Adventist Diet as a diet program. I prefer to call it as the 7Th Day Adventist church follower’s eating habit or rule just like what they believe. And, like I said earlier, you can’t eat meat, so that means you will become a vegetarian with 7Th Day Adventist Diet rule.

When I said you can’t eat meat, you really can’t eat any meat, even fish. 7Th Day Adventist Diet only allows you to eat vegetable. And, for protein source, you can get it from many different vegetables in 7Th Day Adventist Diet menu.

7Th Day Adventist Diet, a Good Vegetarian Diet for You
7Th Day Adventist Diet, a Good Vegetarian Diet for You

What 7Th Day Adventist Diet Allowed You to Eat?

Now, let’s talk about what you can eat, when you decide to try 7Th Day Adventist Diet. From my point of view, I don’t have any problem with the food list in this diet. In fact, I found it quite delicious, especially when I try to apply 7Th Day Adventist Diet menu list for my one week meal.

7Th Day Adventist Diet food list are:

  • Grains

For the first part of 7Th Day Adventist Diet food, I love to choose bread, cereal, pasta or rice. Of course, I choose the healthy one, which means for bread I choose the whole grain one that has high fiber and for rice, I choose red rice. You also can use other source of grains, as long you choose the healthy type.

  • Vegetables

Actually, you can choose any vegetable for your 7Th Day Adventist Diet menu. As for me, I like cabbage, carrot and broccoli, so I always use one of them on my meal. You can try other vegetables, but before you decide, make sure you know the nutrition in it and if it’s enough for your nutrition needs.

You need to remember here. In 7Th Day Adventist Diet menu, you must eat the vegetables in raw or cooked form. For me, I love to eat raw, especially for carrot, however other than carrot, usually I cook it by steam it or boil it for short time.

  • Fruits

Find high fiber and vitamin type fruits. I choose banana, which easy to get and it also can become the staple food when I still feel hungry after eat my meal. You can try it too, or you also can choose other fruits for your own 7Th Day Adventist Diet menu

  • The Protein Source

Unfortunately, no meat for this 7Th Day Adventist Diet part. Therefore, I can only depend on some of nuts, beans, peas, legumes and such. The most delicious menu was tofu, because I like it.

For tofu, I don’t like to fry or boil it. I prefer to eat raw, like Japanese culinary called Hiyayakko or cold tofu. You don’t need to follow my way to eat tofu, but I think this is the most delicious and healthiest way to enjoy tofu, which won’t break the 7Th Day Adventist Diet rule.

  • Dairy Product

Yes, finally the best part I can get from 7Th Day Adventist Diet. I love daily product, so trying a week without eating daily product is definitely impossible for me. However, you can’t just eat any daily product like what you want in this diet menu.

In 7Th Day Adventist Diet, you can only eat dairy product in small or considerate number. However, you still feel great when you have chance to eat cheese, yogurt or drink milk.

What You Can’t Do in 7Th Day Adventist Diet

As mentioned before, you can’t eat meat in your 7Th Day Adventist Diet menu. However, you also can’t do other thing, like what 7Th Day Adventist church follower believe those thing only bring bad thing. So, what are those things?

In 7Th Day Adventist Diet, you can’t smoke. It doesn’t matter whether you smoke tobacco or electronic cigarette, you must stop this habit. It only brings you no good and I agree with that.

You also can’t drink alcohol when you do 7Th Day Adventist Diet. I also like this rule as well, because I think there are no beneficial result from drinking alcohol, other than you will lose your consciousness and ability to judge and use your logic properly. I can only see 7Th Day Adventist Diet as the way to, not only change your eating habit into healthy one, but also you can change your life into happier one.

However, I don’t like some of rule in this diet, which forbids me from enjoying a cup of tea. By the way, you also can’t drink coffee, if you really follow this diet. I knew 7Th Day Adventist Diet forbid these drinks to reduce the intake of caffeine and sugar which usually came a lot when you drink them.

That way, I still keep drink tea and coffee when I was doing 7Th Day Adventist Diet. Of course, I didn’t use any sugar, so I can only get the best from my beloved tea. And, I love the natural taste of tea, so I don’t have problem with it.

More than that, I read article about tea, which said it can help me to increase my body metabolism. It will also help my body to burn fats faster and more than before. So, I think break the 7Th Day Adventist Diet rule a little is okay, as long it is beneficial for your health, like what I did with the tea.


I can say 7Th Day Adventist Diet, as one of best way for you who want to try or taste how to be a vegetarian. Of course, you also can combine it with exercise or training program, so the fat burning process would be much faster and effective. That way, you will get good result, like I did, when I successfully cut 4 pounds of my weight with 7Th Day Adventist Diet.

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