Healthy Foods For Diabetics
Healthy Foods For Diabetics

Healthy Foods for Diabetics for Everyday Meal to Stay Healthy

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You have diabetics but you still want to eat delicious foods, a definite possibility because there are many choices of tasty and healthy foods for diabetics.

As what doctors recommend, the whole foods are better than processed foods for diabetics like vegetables and fruits. And, it also fulfils the need for nutrients in daily basis.

These kinds of foods help lowering the risk of diabetes complications like stroke and heart disease.

This way, the diabetic person can live longer and healthier. And, it also improves the overall health and stamina.

A good food especially for diabetic should consists of four healthy nutrients such as vitamin D, calcium, omega 3 and fiber.

This particular food can be made into various recipes for rich taste. Or, it can also be consumed as standalone snack.

Healthy Foods for Diabetics for Everyday Meal to Stay Healthy
Healthy Foods for Diabetics for Everyday Meal to Stay Healthy

Healthy Foods For Diabetics


Who doesn’t know beans? They may not be considered super foods but they are healthy foods for diabetics and definitely have high amount of nutrients especially fiber that help to maintain normal level of blood sugar and lower the cholesterol.

They are also high in calcium that is proven to be an effective nutrient to burn body fat.

These great protein sources are also low in saturated fat. It means the beans help to reduce risk of heart disease.

With so many kinds of beans, there are so many ways to eat them. You can eat them raw if you are a paleo or cook it into soup, salad and chilies.


When you are in need of sources of vitamin D and calcium, dairy products make good choices.

When a person consumes enough calcium at least 1.200 mg and 800 IU vitamin D every day, he/she will likely develop diabetes.

But make sure to choose the low fat versions or fat-free dairy healthy foods for diabetics instead of the high-fat dairy products because the regular products contain high amount of saturated fat. Choose your favorite way to consume dairy products like drinking milk, or using milk to make creamy soup.


Salmon is definitely one of the most recommended fishes to consume for its nutrients.

This delicious fish is high in omega 3 fatty acids as it provides around 1.800 mg per 3 ounces, high in healthy fats to help reducing the heart disease risk, inflammation, improving insulin resistance and whittling waistline.

This non dairy food contains high vitamin D. Any salmon is recommended including sauted salmon for dinner or even the canned salmon for omelets or salads.

Healthy Foods for Diabetics


Here comes another amazing choice of fishes, tuna which is high in omega 3s and vitamin D. However, it may also high in mercury that can lead to neurological problems if it is consumed in high doses.

So, to stay away from the negative impacts, you may need to limit tuna intake of less than 12 ounces every week. Or, buy the canned light tuna. Cook tuna anyway you want from making the tuna salad sandwiches to tuna grill.


Barley, a healthy choice of grain that is rich in soluble fiber known as beta-glucan. However, it is not a popular grain despite its great nutrients.

In particular, the beta-glucan fiber type is proven to be very effective to lower LDL and total cholesterol level.

Barley works by preventing human body to absorb it. In fact, it can lower cholesterol by 8% only by eating 3 grams of this grain.

At the same time, it also maintains steady blood sugar level to prevent diabetes. And, it boasts the calcium amount. If you’re looking for it, make sure to choose the hulled barley and soak it overnight.


Another healthy foods for diabetics that is as good as beans and barley is oat. It is high in fiber that it provides 4 grams of fiber for every half cup of oat.

It is recommended for those having high LDL cholesterol level as it can lower the cholesterol level and improve the insulin resistance.

The soluble fiber in oats works by slowing the rate of how the human body breaks down and absorbs the carbohydrates. This way, the blood sugar level can stay stable.


Known as nature’s candy, berries are loaded with antioxidants and fiber. The antioxidant in these fruits is known as polyphenols.

For every cup of blackberries, you can get 7.6 gram of fiber and 3.5 gram of antioxidant which is very good for ticker.

According to the research, berries have been highly contributing to lower level of LDL cholesterol, increased level of HDL cholesterol and drop in blood pressure.


This particular fruit may not look special, looking brown, plain and bit sticky. But it has delightful texture and sweet taste.

It makes a great diabetes-friendly snack thanks to its generous fiber supply. Moreover, this fruit is also high in antioxidants higher than peppers, broccoli, oranges and grapes.

Simply toss it into cookies, breads or with walnut halves if you look for satisfying snack. Or, buy the fresh dates and eat it alone like you eat fruits.


How often do you eat greens, the healthy foods for diabetics? Well, you should eat it more often because these green vegetables contain generous amount of nutrients including calcium, fiber, folate, vitamin D, and amino acid. It means the greens are very good for heart due to its folate.

Vitamin B on the other hand helps lowering homocysteine level so it lowers the risk of heart disease.

With the right preparations, greens make great dishes like in the salads, sandwiches and entrees.


Lentils are the bean cousins and high in fiber. It provides 16 grams of fiber for every 1 cup. For a person who is not a fan of meat, lentils make good alternative thanks to its high amount of protein, minerals and vitamins.

Lentils are usually cooked into pastas and soups for the extra texture. Meanwhile, some people eat it as side dish.

But if you want to have more adventurous cooking, cook it into spicy Indian dish using the lentils as staple ingredients.


Here comes another choice of healthy foods for diabetics, flaxseed. It is high in ALA or alpha linolenic acid and fiber that is converted to omega 3 with the help of your body.

It helps lowering blood sugar level and cholesterol.

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