healthy foods to gain weight fast
healthy foods to gain weight fast

What Healthy Foods to Gain Weight Fast I Need to Consume Daily?

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Healthy foods to gain weight fast perhaps can be found easily but are all of them are good for your body? What type of recommended foods to be consumed to gain weight, the main concern is you need to stay healthy. Gaining weight by consuming sugary foods, fast foods, and high-fat tidbits is easy but it will increase the lurking fat and risk of chronic diseases.

The fast way to gain weight is actually by increasing calorie intake but make sure it is taken from nutritious foods. Besides, the foods must contain proteins, carbohydrates, and fats in balance amount. You can combine foods containing high calories and healthy foods for daily meal so that the calories can increase significantly.

You might be still thinking what healthy foods to gain weight fast that I need to consume daily? Here, some foods which are recommended to munch daily if you want to have heavier weight but remains in healthy condition.

What Healthy Foods to Gain Weight Fast I Need to Consume Daily
What Healthy Foods to Gain Weight Fast I Need to Consume Daily

Consuming Foods Rich of Proteins

Whenever you want to gain weight quickly, make sure to include foods containing rich protein in your daily meals. It is because foods with high proteins not only can increase weight fast but also good for muscle growth.

Having ideal weight and bulky muscles together requires you to have diet with amount of proteins intake higher than usual. It is since growing bigger muscles needs more amino acids. In order to know how much daily protein intake that I need, you have to multiply the weight in pounds by 0.8. For example:

  • If your weight is 115 pounds, you will require 92 proteins intake daily.
  • If your weight is 145 pounds, you will require 116 grams of proteins intake daily.
  • If your weight is 170 pounds, you will require 145 grams of proteins intake daily.

healthy foods to gain weight fast

Boneless and skinless meat poultry is also considered as healthy foods to gain weight fast since it provides amino acids which required for muscle growth. This can be taken from chicken breast which containing 16 grams of proteins per 3 ounces. However, the same amount of turkey breast will give you 26 grams of proteins, healthy foods.

High-quality of protein sources also can be taken from dairy products. To get 9 grams protein, you can consume one ounce of mozzarella cheese. Meanwhile, to obtain 8 grams of protein, you can drink a cup of 8 grams or a cup of soy milk for substitution each day.

Other type of dairy products such as yogurt and cheese also contain proteins which help to gain weight. A cup of yogurt for example will give you 233 calories. Meanwhile, when eating an ounce of cheddar cheese, you will get 114 calories. s

Fish also includes in the list of healthy foods to gain weight fast. Adding fatty fish in your daily diet can promote better muscle growth even though only few days. Fish also offers high-quality of protein similar to poultry and dairy products.

Type of fish like salmon or tuna for example not only provides 22 grams of protein but also contain great amount of omega-3 fatty acids. This fat is good to reduce the inflammation, especially the one leads to muscle soreness occurred after workout. Fish containing healthy fats is also effective to cut down recovery time during workout so that you can do the next strength train maximally, healthy foods.

Healthy foods to gain weight fast containing essential fatty acids can be taken from various types of fish including salmon, tuna, herring, trout, sardines, and so forth. For instance, by consuming 3 ounce of chinook salmon, you will get about 1.5 grams of omega-3.

Eating Adequate Amount of Carbohydrates for healthy foods to gain weight fast

Protein no wonder plays important role in promoting muscle growth but consuming high-quality of carbs is pretty important if you want to gain weight. Carbohydrates will be stored in the muscles in the form of glycogen and it will be used as source of energy when you are doing workouts. By consuming adequate amount of carbs regularly, you refill the glycogen in the muscle which make you fuel up when workout.

Healthy foods to gain weight fast can be taken from whole grains like oatmeal, brown rice, and fully wheat bread. Beans and legumes are also good source of carbs to provide energy. They are good for weight gain since these carbs also offer protein which promotes the muscle growth.

Whole-grain foods not only contains natural fiber but also starches which known as one form of complex carbs. The same type of carbs also can be obtained from dried fruit and potatoes, even those are not considered as grain. However, both of them serve as good source of carbs.

Granola containing rich nutrients also becomes another option for healthy foods to gain weight fast because it serves 404 calories per cup. Another type like quinoa, brown rice and barley contains 193 to 222 calories for the similar amount. A large bagel also provides around 334 calories so you can consume this food to increase the calories intake significantly.

Another option for food with high-calories is dried fruits which have been added with concentrated vitamins. By eating half cup of various types of dried berries, you can obtain 208 to 266 calories. However, dried fruits like apricots and peaches serve around 200 calories.

Starchy vegetables are also recommended when you consume healthy foods to gain weight fast. Types of veggies which include in this group are beans, potatoes, and sweet potatoes. So, they are can be added to your weight gain daily menu.

Various types of beans such as kidney and black beans give you 200 to 269 calories per one cup serving. Meanwhile, a large size of sweet potato contains 165 grams.

Consuming certain types of foods containing high nutrients is not enough when you are try to gain weight significantly in short time. You need to balance the foods consumption with strength training routines. The result will be more effective if you combine muscle growth from regular strength training and enough amount of calories intake from healthy foods to gain weight fast.

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