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7 High Calorie Healthy Foods Safe to Consume Everyday

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As we know that every day our body needs enough calories to be able to perform its vital functions properly. But some people who are in a weight loss program usually avoid foods that contain high calories. Our body’s daily needs on average requires 2,000 calories (although the caloric needs of each person are different, it depends on our age and weight).

High Calorie Healthy Foods for Everyday

You probably have not realized that some foods high in calories can also nourish the body. I found that some high-calorie foods actually have great benefits for our bodies to perform well organ function. We need to know more about the different types of foods that are high in calories but good for our consumption.

I usually consume several types of high calorie healthy foods every day. Various high-calorie that I consume have their respective benefits. Although the calories are high but this food is good for the health of the body.

If you are on a diet program or body weight program, you should be aware that calculating calories is not everything. There are many foods that are high in calories but also contain many nutrients needed by the body. It makes high calorie healthy foods feasible for your consumption.

Some of the High Calorie Healthy Foods Snacks


High Calories Healthy Food

Many people are reluctant to consume nuts because they contain high calories and fats that can cause gout or acne. Pistachio is one type of nuts that have high calories, but I usually consume as a snack every day. However, various studies and science show that 90% of the fat content in pistachio nuts is a type of unsaturated fat. I read some references that this fat is important for health and can prevent the risk of heart disease.

You can make pistachio as a source of protein and fiber that can make you feel full in a long time. If you’ve only known the bad reputation of nuts, then now you should also open your mind that nuts have many benefits for your body. Everything has advantages and disadvantages, because pistachios have more advantages than disadvantages then I advise you to take this as a replacement for your daily snack.


High Calories Healthy Food RaisinsDo you often feel afraid to consume raisins because of the sugar content? Now I will clarify that raisins do not contain extra sugar, so it is safe to consume as long as it is not excessive. Raisins are also safe for people with diabetes mellitus (type 2 diabetes).

Raisins is one of the most common snacks I eat if there is no pistachios. This is one food with natural sugar that positively affects your blood sugar level after eating. Raisins are better than if you eat bread with a variety of added sugar or artificial sweeteners in it. Consumption of raisins 2-4 tea spoons daily can balance your systolic blood pressure.

3.Coconut Flour

Coconut flour has the highest levels of calories among other types of flour. However, the coconut flour also contains salt and fiber that will not increase blood sugar levels like other types of flour. Coconut flour has a protein, fiber and fat content that is good for your health, high calorie healthy foods.

Consumption of this coconut flour has the most positive impact compared to other flour. I used to use coconut flour to make bread and cookies. You can also try it to make other preparations.

I use coconut flour because this is the safest for you to eat gluten-free. I also like this because it’s pretty good texture to cook dishes and bread. You should try it by yourself so you can feel the difference.

4.Olive Oil

Olive oil is one of the best oils for health compared to other types of oils. A spoon of olive oil every day is the usual dose I use. This is the right dose that experts also recommend.

Olive oil does have high calories, but it has a lot of advantages. Olive oil contains unsaturated fats. It also contains nutrients that help the absorption of vitamins A and E in the body.

Olive oil is the best oil and safe to avoid coronary heart disease. The price maybe a bit pricey but you also only use it approximately 1 teaspoon per day for each person, high calorie healthy foods.

5.Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate contains high enough calories. If you eat an ounce of dark chocolate with 75% cocoa content, then it’s the same as consuming 120 calories. It’s high enough that every day I only consume 1 ounce dark chocolate, high calorie healthy foods.

The benefit I get by consuming 1 ounce of dark chocolate every day is to lower blood pressure and cholesterol levels. This can be very beneficial for those of you who have high blood pressure or high cholesterol. But you must remember to consume it in reasonable amount.


Avocado is a fruit that has high calorie and fat. One avocado weighing approximately 200 grams contains as many as 366 calories, it is equivalent to 100 grams of avocado containing 162 kcal. But this fruit also has many benefits for health and also skin.

I consume avocado once a week. You can also consume it and no prohibition whatsoever. Avocados are safe to eat whether you are fat or thin. You just need to remember that the consumption of everything in a reasonable amount and not excessive, high calorie healthy foods.

Avocados are good to be consumed directly. If you add milk or sugar when taking avocados, the number of calories and glucose you consume can be very different. Therefore, I recommend the consumption of avocado without using anything.


Bananas are a fruit rich in various nutrients needed by the body such as calcium, iron, vitamins, and potassium. In 100 grams of banana contains 80 kcal. One banana has a fairly high number of calories.

I used to consume bananas because of its complete nutritional content and can delay hunger. This fruit is perfect for those of you who are running weight loss program either gaining weight program.

Many information you can get by reading the article above. Some foods that are high calories do not mean to be avoided. You can actually consume them because they have other advantages. Hopefully this article high calorie healthy foods can be useful for you. Now you know high calorie healthy foods that are safe to consume every day.

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