Most Healthy Fast Food Options for Fast Food Lovers

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Almost everyone loves fast food not only because its fast serving, but also because it is mostly mouth-watering. Everything that is fried and rich in saturated fat is ironically delicious. However, because most fast foods are obviously unhealthy, every fast food lover must be aware of the most healthy fast food options to improve their eating habit, to avoid the danger of eating junk foods, and to make sure that they can remain healthy without having to torment their appetite.

If you are fighting fast food craving, this can be achieved in two ways. First, you can change the way you eat fast food without actually abandoning your fast food habit. Second, you can abandon fast food completely and replace it with healthier fast food recipes. Both options are similarly plausible because they basically help you be healthier person while allowing you to keep delicious fast food. Let us explore the two most healthy fast food options and see whether you can practice them.

Most Healthy Fast Food Options for Fast Food Lovers

Healthy Ways to comsume most healthy fast food options

For fast food addicts, abandoning fast food entirely can be as bad as staying with binge habit. Their addiction simply prevents them from being able to eliminate completely fast food from their meal. Forced abstinence will likely result in bounce-back effect: they become more severe fast food addicts due to their inability to remain sober.  They can continue eating fast food, but they have to make sure that they eat it in a healthy way. Here are how to do that.

most healthy fast food options

  1. Stay away from anything fried.

Most fried foods are rich in saturated fat, trans-fat and bad cholesterol. They also flood your body with unnecessary calories, which are eventually stored as fat. Fried foods are your heart’s biggest enemy. Most fast foods are obviously fried foods; however, you can actually replace them with their grilled counterparts. What is great about grilling is that the aroma of grilled foods, as well as their taste, can actually be better than those of fried foods. By replacing fried foods with grilled ones, you can lose approximately 80 calories and 8 grams of fat per serving.

  1. Stay with small portion.

Being a fast food addict doesn’t necessarily mean you have to order two or three layers of patties in your burger. One patty is enough and additional patties will only multiply the calories and supply your body with unnecessary protein. Most fast foods are relatively safe to eat as long as you keep your portion as meager as possible.

  1. Stay with greens.

Greens are rather rare in fast food, but if you find ones, you may need to put priority on them. If you cannot endure the blandness of green fast food, at least make it a side dish. Therefore, a grilled chicken paired with salad is an excellent decision to balance your meal. The inclusion of vegetables and anything green into your fast food makes your fast food no longer a mere junk.

  1. Stay with healthy snacks.

When you eat fast food, snacks and side dishes often have to be around. You want french fries or garlic knots when you eat burger or salad. To avoid flooding your body with calories, trans-fat and other unwanted substances, replace those unhealthy side dishes and snacks with yogurt, fruit bowl and other healthier side dishes.

  1. Stay with harmless beverage.

Every fast food serving must come with various types of beverage, the most common of which are carbonated drinks, drinks high in sugar, or alcoholic drink. All of those beverages are undoubtedly not healthy due to their high sugar and calorie content. Instead of including those drinks in your meal, consider replacing them with unsweetened tea or coffee, fruit juice, or simply a glass of mineral water.

If you are committed to be a healthier person, the aforementioned small sacrifices will not matter a lot. You can still eat your favorite fast foods without worrying too much about how they affect your health.

Most healthy fast food options Recipes

The most healthy fast food option actually eliminates fast food entirely from your meal. However, because eliminating fast food is nearly impossible for hardcore fast food lovers, the best option for them is making their own fast food at their own kitchen using healthy fast food recipes. Here are a number of fast food recipes that you can try at home.

  1. Chicken nuggets with almond crust

Everyone likes chicken nuggets, but they are rich in calorie because they combine chicken meat with starches. If you want healthier nuggets that contain fewer calories and are fortified with fiber, consider mixing the ground meat with almonds. Almonds are among the richest sources of fiber of all nuts, which are among the richest sources of fiber of all food ingredients. Adding almonds to your nugget recipe not only cuts your calorie intake, but also helps your digestive system process foods and expel fat more effectively.

  1. Baked potato with low-fat topping

French fries are mostly mandatory when you eat fast food. Unfortunately, french fries are calorie-rich, making them bad choice for diet. If you prefer the most healthy fast food option to replace french fries, the best thing to do is by baking the potatoes instead of frying them. Baked potatoes are almost similar to french fries in terms of taste and texture. To enhance the taste, you can add low-fat or fat-free sour cream topping (or vinaigrette if you want to avoid cream).

  1. Diet-friendly beverage

You can replace carbonated sugar-rich beverage and beers with fruit juice, but fruit juice is not the only healthy alternative for those junk drinks. If you enjoy drinking milkshake, which is very high in calories, you may want to replace it with fat-free milk. Diet soft drinks, such as Coca Cola Zero, can also become good alternatives. Nonetheless, anything that is categorized as soft drink actually contains significant calories, so avoiding any kinds of soft drink completely is considered the most healthy fast food option.

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