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Summer Health Tips to Face Great Summer

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Summer is the time to spend days outside. You can go to the beach, wear your shorts or bikini, or create a barbeque gathering with friends or family. It needs great stamina and health condition. Before doing all those interesting summer activities, let’s check the summer health tips below.

The tips below are simple but it really boosts your stamina and health to fill all your summer schedules. Probably, you have done some of the summer health tips but you don’t realize the rest that it protects your health during summer.

Don’t only spend your summer sleep at home because you are unwell. Take the list below along with you to prepare your great summer

Summer Health Tips
Summer Health Tips

Drink Plenty of Water for Great Summer health Tips

During summer, you have to deal with hot weather and sweats. Just be careful because it triggers dehydration and it is dangerous for your health. That’s why bring a bottle of water anywhere you go during summer.

Then, you can drink the water anytime and anywhere you want. In this condition, you body needs more water than usual. To keep your health, you should drink around eight or nine glasses of water a day. Summer Health Tips

Water restores liquid inside your body which has been taken out through sweats. Eating fruits or drinking green tea or coconut water is also great to keep your metabolism and hydrate during summer.

Summer Health Tips for Swimmers, Apply Sun Cream

A bottle of water is not the only thing you need to bring on your bag during summer. Moreover, it is also a must for you to bring sun cream. The strong heat from the sunlight produces harmful UV rays. It leads you to skin problems especially if you have to do daily activity outdoor all day long.

Just apply a sun cream contains of SPF 30 because it is effectively protecting your skin from UV rays. For those who have more sensitive skin, you should apply a mineral based sun cream. Try to avoid sunlight or sun bathing between 10am up to 4pm.

This is the time when the sunlight produces UV radiation. If you have to do it, you may reapply the sun cream every two or three hours. This is one of important summer health tips most people forgot during summer.

Drink Healthy Smoothies

You may start your day by drinking a glass of healthy smoothie. Healthy smoothie means that it is made with fruits, juice, low fat yogurt, and ice. To make it simpler, you can keep the fruits on the freezer first.

Let it freeze and put it in a blender. Blend the fruits until smooth. Healthy smoothie is perfect summer health tips to keep your stamina and energy.

Exfoliate Your Skin

Exfoliate skin is also important summer health tips you should apply during summer. This is strongly related to the increasing of dead skin cells. Without proper treatment, you have to face skin problems such as dry skin and chapped skin.

The best way to prevent skin problems during summer is by exfoliating your skin. This simple tip makes your skin smooth and silk. You may create a homemade exfoliate by using oatmeal, milk, and yogurt. Summer Health Tips

Keep Your Exercise

The rising of temperature doesn’t mean that you have to stop your daily exercise or put your shoes in the wardrobe. The simple trick is changing the way you do the exercise. You may start to do the exercise indoor instead of doing it outdoor. For example, you can go to the gym or use exercise to do exercise at home. Summer Health Tips

Get Wet

Get wet is the other summer health tips you can do. What do you have to do to keep wet and healthy as well is by going to swimming pool. Swimming is a great sport which can do anytime you want including in summer.

In fact, swimming for 30 minutes is able to burn almost 400 calories. It is better to do front crawl, breaststroke, or backstroke for maximal result. Try to follow a water aerobic class for better alternative.

Olive Oil

While protecting your health outside, it is a must to protect your health from the inside. One of the ways is by consuming olive oil. One tablespoon of olive oil a day effectively keeps your health. You may mix the olive oil with salad or fish in order to get the essential fatty acids.

Eat Healthy Foods

Eating a cone of ice cream is the most tempting but you have to keep yourself strong. It is better not to eat ice cream too much even in summer. Eating healthy foods is the best option. You may change the ice cream with cool fruits, juice, or smoothie.

Do Interesting Outdoor Activity

Summer doesn’t mean that you have to do everything indoor. Of course, you are allowed to enjoy outdoor activity. Besides going to the beach, swimming pool or gym, you can also try to do gardening. It is really fun to do.

Gardening can make your abandon garden into clean and beautiful garden. At the same time, it helps you to burn calories! It is lucky if you have herbs in your garden. Just pick the herbs and use it for cooking your summer healthy meal. That is really fun summer health tips, isn’t it?

Cooking healthy meal is also a great new activity you can do in summer. Playing with your beloved children outside is the other options. It reduces your stress tension and increases your serotonin hormones which boosts your health.

Protect Your Hair

Hair loss is a serious problem in summer. Your hair is affected by constant heat, sunlight, and chlorine. To prevent serious hair loss problem, try to apply anti chlorine shampoo and conditioner especially after swimming or playing in the beach.

Don’t use hairdryer or straightener too often. It will be better to dry your hair manually with soft towel.

From the explanation above, you know that there are several things to do in summer which can protect your body and of course your health. Those summer health tips are easy to do but most people don’t realize that by applying it, they get significant and maximal protection during summer. Apply the summer health tips above and you are ready to welcome summer and enjoy outdoor activities without anything to worry about!

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